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Posted By: JohnInKansas
19-Apr-08 - 04:20 AM
Thread Name: BS: you don't often get to see an earthquake
Subject: RE: BS: you don't often get to see an earthquake
Wiki has a summary article on the New Madrid fault, which is reputed to be the "biggest" in the US (or sometimes the biggest east of the Rockies).

According to that article, neither Texas nor Kansas is included in the "hazard zone" for this fault, and major quakes along New Madrid historically have been no closer than every 300 to 500 years. Smaller "side branches" of the main plate boundaries may produce quakes more frequently; but they're not usually of major magnitude.

February 7, 1812 (the New Madrid Earthquake), 0945 UTC (4:45 a.m.); 7.9 magnitude; epicenter near New Madrid, Missouri. New Madrid was destroyed. At St. Louis, Missouri, many houses were damaged severely, and their chimneys were thrown down. The meizoseismal area was characterized by general ground warping, ejections, fissuring, severe landslides, and caving of stream banks.