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Posted By: alanabit
19-Apr-08 - 08:37 AM
Thread Name: BS: Films I just cannot watch easily!!
Subject: RE: BS: Films I just cannot watch easily!!
The thread title is a good one. There are a lot of well made films, which I take no pleasure in watching. That includes most horror films and many violent ones. I also avoid films, in which people behave in cringingly embarrassing ways.
I will agree that "Schildler's List" was an assault on the senses. However, it was more than worth watching, because it was a profoundly moral film. It showed how a cynic changed immeasuarably for the better, yet still had to pretend that he was a greedy cynic. He was also placing his own life in enormous danger over a period of years. The strain left him a broken man. The number of people, whom he was able to save was small. Schindler was also a seriously flawed person himself. The beauty of the film was that it showed that his sacrifice and heroism were still worth it all the same.
Yes it was harrowing, yet it left you with a ringing endorsement of real humanity. It was a wonderful film.