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Posted By: wysiwyg
19-Apr-08 - 04:30 PM
Thread Name: BS: Lord Stanley's Cup
Subject: RE: BS: Lord Stanley's Cup
The last 2 years (post-lockout), the referees seem to have tried various ways of calling crease crashes during the playoffs, and this year HAS seemed less consistent than last year so far.

But it doesn't help a goalie when his D-men are nowhere in reach, either. The Devils had to choose between staying up-ice on offense versus playing their usual shut-down D-game-- with the result that they scored more goals than ever before (or it seemed that way to me), but they didn't give Marty their usual close support. (I know the New NHL rules severely limit what the D can DO around the crease, but to do anything at all they have to BE there.) Avery had far, FAR too much leeway from the D.

You can't do both 100% for 60 minutes, and you can't pick one and still win a playoff series. This year, to try to deal with the "new" rules, the popular and winning team strategy seems to focus on forwards playing "responsibly" (defensively) around their own net.