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Posted By: GUEST,Don Meixner
20-Apr-08 - 09:56 AM
Thread Name: Will Festivals survive this year 2008 ?
Subject: RE: Will Festivals survive this year 2008 ?
I do The Old songs Festival each year. This is a festival that I am very reluctant to stop doing for a variety of reasons.

Firstly I would miss seeing the folks I have come to regard as friends, Kendall and Jaqui, Alison, George ward, John Roberts, Jeri,... the list is endless.

Secondarily the music is beyond wonderful and most of these performers are so far below commercial radar that this is the only venue I am likely to see and hear them in.

And I continually meet new people who are pleased with my jewelry.

And there is the rub. The cost of silver has tripled in the last three years. Consequently the cost of my jewelry has risen. It will do so again. Last year it cost me $75.00 to drive to Old songs and return to the Syracuse NY area. This year it will cost over $ 100.00.

Other costs are Lodging, we motel it because we like a shower at night. This year the cost of the craft space at the festival went up, but it has always been too low. Food, Gin and Tonics which I seem to be a bit free with so I shouldn't count that. And all these costs go up as the cost of fuel effects the trade and transport of them.

So two expenses that I have no control over will lower my possible profit considerably. Gas and metal. Last year I just broke even.

I have stopped doing shows that are more than $100.00 away from home for the moment. I was set to do a show in Louisville Kentucky this year but the fuel and metal costs would force me to double my current prices.

I think there will be festivals, maybe even more of them, only much more regional in nature. More local talent with one or two head liners.

I'll continue at Old Songs even if I lose a little money because it is still the best show around and we have to support events in the down times or they won't be around for the upturn.