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Posted By: GUEST, Richard Bridge
20-Apr-08 - 12:03 PM
Thread Name: Will Festivals survive this year 2008 ?
Subject: RE: Will Festivals survive this year 2008 ?
Part of the problem with festival campsites is people who have no idea how to tow. I arrived at Ely last year and was told to expect difficulties getting onto the campsite. I did the basics - took a look on foot, planned my path, backed up and took a run, and went up in as high a gear as possible with no wheelspin whatsoever. Unlike Tenterden the year before when I am told people could see the treetops opposite underneath my van as I assaulted the climb to where I wanted to be.

The bogs at Ely have been horrid, and frankly the showers were better at the old sewage works site. But this is why I van. Own shower, own bog.

I also miss the only food stall I ever really lusted after - the Jamaican curry stall. The curried goat was wonderful - but not seen for a few years.

These, however, are not what will kill the festivals. It's two-fold. First is cost. Second is the change from "festival and we all make music in the bar and in the fields too", to "I've paid me money now entertain me and produce bands I knwo the names of".