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Posted By: nutty
20-Apr-08 - 02:53 PM
Thread Name: Will Festivals survive this year 2008 ?
Subject: RE: Will Festivals survive this year 2008 ?
Spiderpig - Add another £30 to that for camping at Pickering and you will get a more realistic figure. I certainly will reserve judgement until I see exactly what they are offering in the way of singarounds, sessions and workshops. I have no time for concert only festivals where the only time you see the artists is when they are on stage.

I agree the two festivals are different but then it would appear that the management of the two festivals is as well.
Saltburn (previously Redcar) has been bringing big names to the area for over 25 YEARS whereas it appaers that this is a first venture for the Pickering team (whoever they are).

Why do I get suspicious when no names are given? WHO IS BANKROLLING THIS VENTURE? For a first festival it is rolling out so many big names funding can't be an issue which it is with many smaller festivals.

I would hate to think that this is the way festivals will be in the future.