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Posted By: Beer
20-Apr-08 - 02:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: Lord Stanley's Cup
Subject: RE: BS: Lord Stanley's Cup
That is a lot of work Susan. Great job. The only series that I can really judge is the Habs vs Boston. Just because those are the regular televised games where I live. The others are the bits and pieces I pick up and listen to on the Internet.
In what i have seen the Brunes deserve to win against the Canadians. The only game in my opinion that the Habs deserved to win was the first one. All other games belonged to the Brunes. But with a hot goalie the reverse has happened. As far as the Wings are concerned, I did get to see the last game they played and they deserved to win but it had to go to overtime because of goalie Mr. Ellis. The other games I can't comment on other than wishing they had won. Now I will make my self a cup of tea and settle back and watch the Wings as they are on T.V. covered by C.B.C.
"Here is hoping . Go You Red Sweethearts Go".