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Posted By: GUEST,spiderpig
20-Apr-08 - 08:35 PM
Thread Name: Will Festivals survive this year 2008 ?
Subject: RE: Will Festivals survive this year 2008 ?
Nutty, I've been and checked the camping on Pickering's website and it's a tenner for the weekend. Where did you get thirty quid from? Reading the info on their website, it appears the company putting the festival on are The Events Office of Pickering. A quick glimpse at their own website reveals that they're an events company that host many large scale events around the country throughout the summer (none of them music). I say, good on them. If they've got the dosh and are prepared to risk it then where's the harm in that? As for singarounds, sessions and workshops etc, I can't imagine that they cost too much to fund, so where's the value in the 'smaller' festival's season ticket? Personally, I enjoy, savour and relish QUALITY performance. THAT'S why I buy a ticket. I don't care that the only time I see the artist is when they're on stage. THAT'S why I pay my money. So many festivals concentrate on quantity rather than quality. Give me 40 professional acts such as Pickering is providing rather than 120 'events'. I realise that it's each to their own but I'm simply making the point that a season ticket price should be set according to the cost of 'performance' on offer and not the singarounds, sessions and workshops that, quite simply, cost peanuts to stage. As I said, each to their own.