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Posted By: Sailor Dan
22-May-00 - 05:43 PM
Thread Name: BS: Shaking Death
Subject: RE: BS: Shaking Death
Many years ago my Father used to sit me on his lap and sing to me. Being Irish, he would sing Danny Boy. It was both of our names. I lost him a few years later due to a massive heart attack at the age of 42.

When he was alive, Dad taught me all the "old school" ways of courtesy and respect to and for women. Of course Mom was the apple of his eye and always had his love and deepest respect and he made sure that I learned these lessons in my young years.

It has been 54 years since Dad passed on, But I never fail to think of him and smile, never fail to provide respect and courtesy for most women and remember his lessons and never fail to cry when I hear Danny Boy being played or sung. But the smile, memories and tears are those of joy and love for someone I only had for a short time.