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Posted By: GUEST,Joerg
22-May-00 - 10:52 PM
Thread Name: Why are guitars SEXY and banjos, not?
Subject: RE: Why are guitars SEXY and banjos, not?
YES, Irish Rover, I think you see what I was trying to explain. The question "Why are guitars SEXY and banjos not" means "Why do we think being touched like a guitar is the right way to do it, and why can't the guitar be replaced by a banjo?". WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? This difference seems obvious to me for guitars and banjos. Personally I notice an even stronger effect with cellos: A girl with a cello transfers to me an impression of ACTIVE tenderness without any bitchy allusion, and that is what really works. (That doesn't mean I object to girls behaving bitchy when they seem to do it with their heart - this works nearly the same way.) I was completely confused by Mbo mentioning saxophones because (TO ME!) there is also a difference between a girl playing a saxophone and a girl playing a clarinet, and I am unable to figure out, why. Well, this might be a very a quite personal impression, but are there people who share it or similar ones? And is there something common that applies to the difference between guitars and banjos, saxophones and clarinets or whatever? Can I learn from musical instruments how humans want to be touched? Even better: how to tell humans that I want to touch them the right way?