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Posted By: Anne Lister
24-Apr-08 - 08:15 AM
Thread Name: BS: Teachers on strike UK
Subject: RE: BS: Teachers on strike UK
As an occasional supply teacher, there are far bigger issues to address than pay, as far as I'm concerned. For example, the numerous schools who book their supply cover via agencies, which costs them more or less the same as if they booked teachers directly but means I lose around £60 per day (gross). There are also questions about conditions of work - the behaviour issues, the extra hours spent on fairly meaningless paperwork etc - which are far higher up my own list of priorities.
Although I'm a long-standing member of the NUT I wouldn't have voted for this strike (no one asked me because I'm a supply teacher). I would, however, campaign for better pay for other workers. My husband (who works in a council-run living history museum - a very fine place indeed) is paid only marginally more than the minimum wage, despite the unusual mix of skills he has to use on a daily basis.
And all this argument about the 10p rate of tax - no one talks about us. We're not youngsters, nor are we at the upper end of the age they're talking about, but no one has mentioned that childless couples of any age will be affected by this.
Ah well. I suppose I've made my own choices. But now I'm disillusioned with my union as well as my politicians. Great.