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Posted By: nutty
24-Apr-08 - 10:29 AM
Thread Name: BS: Teachers on strike UK
Subject: RE: BS: Teachers on strike UK
Teachers last took industrial action 22 years ago and I was one of them. The conditions were similar. Wages were being eroded yet more and more was being expected.

Then , like now, the unions were being goaded into action - it really is a no win situation.

The government will allow pay to be eroded while perporting to be doing its best and if teachers do nothing they will keep on doing it.

If however, teachers take action. the government can throw its hands up in the air at such unreasonable behaviour by greedy teachers and still have an excuse for doing nothing.

It may not do any good but at least for some teachers, striking allows them to feel that they are making a stand.

Instead of looking at how much better pay would cost - look at how much teachers actually save the government by teaching larger classes and doing supervision duties.
Also look at how the government are allowing standards to erode by using unqualified teachers - something that was done away with in the early 1900's.