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NExt time you decide to travel to San Diego, come in your regular form, would ya? There's no excuse for this kind of thing, and it lowers property values.


Shark Attacks, Kills Swimmer Near San Diego
SOLANA BEACH, San Diego County (AP) ¯ A shark attacked and killed a swimmer training in the ocean off San Diego County with a group of local triathletes early Friday, authorities said.

Family friend Rob Hill says the victim was 66-year-old Dave Martin of Solana Beach, a retired veterinarian.

He was swimming with others at Tide Beach around 7 a.m. when he was attacked, according to a statement on the Solana Beach city Web site.

Martin was taken to the Fletcher Cove Park lifeguard station for emergency treatment but was pronounced dead at the scene, the statement said.

Authorities now say an eight-mile stretch of beaches along San Diego County has been closed to swimmers.

Scripps Institution of Oceanography shark expert Richard Rosenblatt says the shark was probably a great white between 12 and 17 feet long.

Martin suffered a single bite that crossed both legs, Solana Beach Deputy Fire Chief Dismas Abelman said. "It looks like the shark came up, bit him, and swam away," said Abelman.

Rosenblatt said the victim was likely killed with a single upward thrust and bite. Water in the area is 20 to 30 feet deep. Rosenblatt said it's unlikely the shark can be located.

The attack took place about 150 yards offshore and several swimmers wearing wetsuits were in a group when the shark attacked, Solana Beach lifeguard Craig Miller said.

Miller said two swimmers were about 20 yards ahead of the Martin when they heard him scream for help. They turned around and dragged him back to shore. He was declared dead at 7:49 a.m., Miller said.

Swimmers were ordered out of the water for a 17-mile stretch around Solano Beach as the county Sheriff's Department sent helicopters up to scan the waters for the shark.

"The shark is still in the area. We're sure of that," Mayor Joe Kellejian said.

Miller said the beaches could remain closed for 72 hours.

It was unknown what kind of shark was involved.

Solana Beach is 14 miles northwest of San Diego.