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Posted By: The Villan
26-Apr-08 - 05:53 AM
Thread Name: BS: Teachers on strike UK
Subject: RE: BS: Teachers on strike UK
I don't think it matters who you put in, they all cock it up eventually, if they are in power too long.

I look at the leader at the time of the elections and if I think they could make a good prime minister (or the best choice out of a bunch of w*****s), I will vote for that party. That of course doesn't mean that they do become a good prime minister.

Although brought up on the conservatives, I have voted labout when Harold Wilson was the leader, and Tony Blair when he was leader.

Unfortunately, George Brown (oops sorry Gordon Brown) is such a tosser, I will be voting for Cameron.

I have always voted, even if I wasn't happy with any of the candidates. I try to look at what I think is the best person available for the job at the time.

There should be a law to make it compusary that everybody has to vote.