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Posted By: nutty
26-Apr-08 - 09:27 AM
Thread Name: Tight Folkies
Subject: RE: Tight Folkies
I guess that as most of the above posting is directed at me that I should defend my position.

I certainly do not want something for nothing. I have been involved in folk music for so many years that I am very much aware of how much it costs to run a festival and how much time and effort has been put in over the years to make the folk scene what it is today.

I have watched many of todays stars grow up and have supported them in their success. The folk world needs its young ones but it also needs its oldies.

The world is changing - things are getting more expensive and you have to be a pensioner on a fixed income that is not keeping pace with inflation to really appreciate this fact.

OK .. A £2 booking fee isn't much when you are on £30/40,000 a year but it represents half a gallon (or less) of diesel, about 20 miles of travel in the camper.

Similarly, pensioner consessions, particularly when you want to go to more than one festival a year.

OK , I could steward which many pensioners do . Unfortunately because of health problems that is not an option for me.

I do run workshops at some festivals which helps with the finances but not all festivals want that.

I cherish the folk scene and my friends from all around the country and will be sad to see the day - which I know will come - when going to a festival will, because of fuel costs and ticket prices, be more than I can afford.