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Posted By: ceitagh
23-May-00 - 04:31 PM
Thread Name: The Linda MaCartney Story??
Subject: RE: The Linda MaCartney Story??
It was an enjoyable watch, from my p.o.v, tho i realise that as someone who was born 3 days before john lennon died, i am probably not the most informed critic. The dying/sick scenes were easily the least interesting (and least messy) parts of the movie...the best were the few scenes with the rest of the band, and the one scene where Paul and Linda are arguing about her performing with Wings...Linda: "Mick Jagger says he'd never let his old lady on stage!" Paul:"well screw mick jagger." Linda:"i already have!"
. Otherwise, a mediocre and not terribly impressive bit of work, but fun if you like love stories.