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Posted By: JamesJim
23-May-00 - 09:00 PM
Thread Name: BS: Shaking Death
Subject: RE: BS: Shaking Death
Certainly everyone experiences death at some point. For some, it comes way too soon. I remember my father talking about losing his mother when he was only 3 years old. He said he still remembered her face and sweet smile, even after 80 years. Dad died at age 89. I lost my mother when she was only 57. She died a horrible death from stomach cancer back in 1963. I lost a grandson almost 10 years ago. He was only 7 years old and he and his mother died in a horrible auto accident. I think of them both often and especially remember his seet smile and laughter. A dear friend and the leader of our band committed suicide in 1997. No one saw it coming. He was only 57.

For some, going to the cemetary seems to give comfort. Not so for me. There's nothing there. Grief over the loss of someone close will last for a lifetime. It's natural to be melancholy or occasionally weep for someone you miss so much. I never try to block it out. Instead, I focus on remembering the joy they gave me while they were here. And it's funny, I can think of a particular song that reminds me of each of them. With my friend, it was "Oklahoma Hills." It was his favorite song. With my mother, it was, "As long as she needs me." I remember singing it to myself as I cut her lawn. With my grandson, it was Julie Golds, "From a Distance." It had just come out at his death and I was learning it. My father loved "Scarlet Ribbon." He would request it almost every time I took my guitar to visit with him. I'd bet that most of you associate music with the remembrance of a loved one as well. Music is the healing tool of life and I thank God for it. Blessings to all!