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Posted By: GUEST,Maxwell's Silver Hammer
30-Apr-08 - 01:51 AM
Thread Name: Tight Folkies
Subject: RE: Tight Folkies
Thank you M.Ted for your comments. I know for a fact that it was the principle that got to him. He doesn't need a few measly pounds to help him along. His bar is hugely successful. It was simply the fact that HE'D BEEN APPROACHED to do this. Many people are STILL missing the point about this (Georgian Silver) - "He hoped to make money" He couldn't have given a toss about making money - "Landlords open up rooms hoping to make a killing etc" Again, he couldn't have given a toss. His gesture was to open his two very large rooms , having been approached to do so, so that certain people that attended folk week could use his facilities (as requested) to practise their singing and dancing. All he asked in return was a gesture by those people to buy something. Now, perhaps I'm just exceedingly extravagant, but I reckon that I might have just dipped my hand into my pocket and bought a bacon buttie and a cup of tea (SHOCK - HORROR)as a way of saying thank you. God, is this really TOO much to ask? I certainly wouldn't have taken a flask with me! If you disagree with this, that's fine, but how on Earth do any of you that do disagree expect any publican in Whitby to open their doors early in future so that you, or any of your acquantances can have the privelage of using their facilities, Whitby's a small town and word gets around. I