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Posted By: Georgiansilver
30-Apr-08 - 09:31 AM
Thread Name: Tight Folkies
Subject: RE: Tight Folkies
Guest Maxwell's Silver Hammer....YOU STATE

<<<<<<<< Georgian Silver, I have told you the FACTS. I don't care what you THINK! I guess that some people are simply beyond reason. Good luck in your pathetic attempt to justify the stinginess of this miserly crew and may you spend many happy hours counting the money you save at the expense of those with a good heart. >>>>>>>>>>>

I suggest that your facts are very one-sided and I have tried vainly to redress the balance. There were expectations on both sides and for some reason they did not meet the 'required' agenda of the Landlord or you would not have started the thread.
I am not saying that he did not make things clear to someone...maybe and organiser....but lack of communication or clarity caused one of those annoying are trying blatantly to blame 'Folkies'...I am suggesting it is better not to sit in judgement and blame no-one in particular other than circumstance.....
Something does need to be learnt from this both by those involved...INCLUDING your friend the Landlord.
As for 'counting the money I save at the expense of those with a good heart'.....perhaps you need to question those who know me before making scathing comments about how 'tight' you may think I am.
I have an opinion as have you but I don't deem it correct to judge you or accuse you....why do it to me?