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Posted By: Little Hawk
01-May-08 - 10:51 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Agreed, Rapaire, it's probably a number of different factors. The reading I've done lately makes me doubt that CO2 is the major one among those factors, though...or even a major one...and it also makes me doubt that global warming is anything more than a cyclical natural event which has occurred repeatedly for millions of years, in between very long glacial periods, and without any contribution from human industrial activity.

Therefore I think we are being scammed at the moment by the global warming scare.

I'm not too worried about global warming, frankly. What does worry me a great deal is the massive deforestation that is occurring, for one and the loss of arable land for another, and the loss of pure drinking water sources, and the possibility of global cooling. We can afford to be in a warm period. Warm periods are good for almost every form of life on this planet. We cannot afford to go into another 100,000 year long ice age.

However, we couldn't stop that if it started again, no matter how much CO2 we pumped into the atmosphere, so I guess there's really little point in my worrying about it. It's beyond our control.