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Posted By: Mrrzy
24-May-00 - 01:22 PM
Thread Name: Origins of Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Subject: RE: Origins of Row, Row, Row Your Boat
I always thought my sister made that up! The Loud Sing Goddamn, I mean. Hah! I can hardly wait for this info, sounds fascinating. The idea of it must be aliens and we are also programmed not to think about it reminds me of a sci-fi short story I read somewhere (Niven?) about chocolate manhole covers, where there is a guy whose only goal seemed to be to foment interesting conversations (like this one) as a means of selecting humans bright enough to go do outer space stuff... and one of the things he gets people thinking about is chocolate manhole covers. Anyway, if we all disappear after solving this one, we'll know why!