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Posted By: Mrrzy
24-May-00 - 01:42 PM
Thread Name: What lullabies do your children hear?
Subject: What lullabies do your children hear?
I saw a thread about lullabies and what you-all like, but it's a couple of years old now, and things might have changed. Anyone more technical than I, please do a blicky to that thread, it was very interesting too. Also, it wasn't about what you sing to your kids, it was more about what you had sung to you.

So I was wondering - I used to sing Hush-a-bye(the Peter Paul & Mary version), The Castle of Dromore (Clancy Bros & Tommy Makem version), the MLF Lullaby (Tom Lehrer), and Hush Little Baby (the way my father sang it to me, which is also the Weaver's version). I would sing them all. Now the younger twin only wants to hear Hushabye, the older one only wants to hear The Castle of Dromore (which he calls Hushabye Lu), so I don't get to sing the others very much nowadays. I actually mind that they don't want me to sing to them what Daddy sang to me, it makes me all heartwarmed to be able to sing it without crying, but they don't prefer it, and I don't push. Much.
So, what do you-all sing to your wee ones?