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Posted By: Mooh
04-May-08 - 12:07 PM
Thread Name: Drum machine
Subject: RE: Drum machine
While it is true that the difference between a drummer and a drum machine is you only have to punch the drum machine once to get it to work, run in the opposite direction as fast as you can from any live use of a drum machine. Even the best digital ones can sound crappy, and are weakened further by the room and the form of amplification (amp, p.a., whatever). Even when in use, someone has to be responsible for it, turning it on and off, setting beats and tempos, etc. There is no spontenaity, no heart or drive, limited dynamics...

When I hear a drum machine used for performance, I generally equate it with lack of ability to attract a drummer, or knowing the difference, and less appealing performance. You're better without.

This is not to be confused with using drum tracks, metronome, or drum machine for private practice purposes, which is recommended.

Peace, Mooh.