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Posted By: GUEST
05-May-08 - 12:36 PM
Thread Name: Chord Req: Short Grass (Ian Tyson)
Subject: Chords Add: SHORT GRASS (Ian Tyson)
Here´s what I play - though I think I&S play in D, capo 2nd.

Short Grass    Music Sylvia Fricker/Words Ian Tyson

Capo 4th fret

(C) (Em) (F) (G7) (C)
The sun burns the (Em)snow (F)high on the (G7)mountains,
It (C)runs and it (Em)grows (F)as (G7)it (C)falls.
Silt (C/B)and (Am)soil, (D)down it (G7)boils,
(C)Down to the (G)valleys the (C)gold river (Em)rolls
(F)To (G)the (C)plains.

The range land lies (Em)high (F)up from the (G7)river,
The (C)coulees are (Em)dry where the (F)short (G7)grass (C)grows.
Fields (C/B)of (Am)hay, (D)cottonwood (G7)shade.
(C)Green patch of (G)home, through the (C)high dusty (Em)lands
The (F)ri(G)ver (C)flows.

Early evening (Em)light, (F)boys practice (G7)roping,
The (C)day fades a(Em)way, the (F)night (G7)rolls (C)on.
Lives (C/B)of (Am)pride, (D)men who (G7)ride,
(C)They keep the (G)old skills that (C)came up the (Em)trail
From (F)Me(G)xi(C)co.
- Instrumental verse -

The long river (Em)winds thru (F)green years and (G7)dry years,
(C)Brand ´em in the (Em)spring, (F)ship ´em (G7)in the (C)fall.
A new (C/B)colt (Am)foaled, the (D)mare grows (G7)old,
(C)Cycle of (G)changes in (C)this changeless (Em)land,
Where the (F)short (G)grass (C)grows,
In this changeless (Em)land,
Where the (F)short (G)grass (C)grows.

© Sylvia Fricker & Ian Tyson, All Rights Reserved