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Posted By: treewind
07-May-08 - 10:46 AM
Thread Name: Money v Folk
Subject: RE: Money v Folk
That's a contentious assumption buried in the thread title.

Anybody is entitled to be paid for doing anything if they are good enough and can find a market for it. Nobody's forced to pay. If it happens it happens - why does folk music have to be different from every other human activity in the universe in that some people think you're not allowed to do it for money?

Can you imagine asking the same about Jazz, or.... well, absolutely anything?

And by the way, folk music has had a lot of professional help in surviving. From the ancient bards and wandering minstrels to the publishers of 17th century broadsides to 19th century village bands to modern recording artists and your local ceilidh band - there was always somebody making some sort of part time or full time living or extra income out of it, and in doing so keeping it alive. Not to mention Child and others collecting songs and publishing books. Mostly people didn't get very rich that way, but certainly some were in the business of selling something or getting paid for their efforts where appropriate.

There can't be any other kind of music in the world that has this problem.