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Posted By: Brian Peters
08-May-08 - 05:37 AM
Thread Name: Bertsongs? (songs of A. L. 'Bert' Lloyd)
Subject: RE: Bertsongs?
>> I suppose this is why such a lot of the traddies on mudcat go apopleptic when you a suggest maybe some of these old songs aren't actually worth preserving - they really aren't all that good as songs. <<

'Traddie on Mudcat' - that's me.

Some old songs are aesthetically beautiful but don't tell us an awful lot. Some are fascinating historically but lousy to sing. Some score on all counts, others have no redeeming features at all. I've never met a singer, traddy or otherwise, who doesn't filter their material, nor one whose motive is primarily one of 'preservation'.

Song collectors post-Sharp have increasingly tended towards the view that you should record everything in a singer's repertoire in order to avoid interposing your own value-judgements, but that's a separate issue.