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Posted By: Amos
25-May-00 - 09:05 AM
Thread Name: BS: Musical chairs: a warning
Subject: RE: BS: Musical chairs: a warning
Musical chairs should be banned. It is a stupid game. I played it too, and did fairly well, except for the fact that I could not understand why the hell anyone would do it. In those days there were so many forms of psychic torture available to us, playing musical chairs was at least a mild one. But incomprehensible. Nor did I care for or understand the fatuous simpering dancing teachers who thought that doing the hokey pokey had some mystic charm for people with small bodies, which dried up when the bodies got bigger. They got to booze it up and have flings with each other and make howling noises at each other and bare their teeth, barking in large smokey rooms, waving cocktails. We had to put our right foot in and turn ourselves about. This is the kind of rampant, heavy handed injustice which gave rise to the student riots of the early 1960's.

We were suckers for the notion that we were being guided, or taught, or should cooperate with these inane pastimes so as not to tick off our parents. In actual fact we were being slowly bored to death by covert means. To hell with musical chairs!