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Posted By: Clinton Hammond2
25-May-00 - 12:33 PM
Thread Name: BS: Musical chairs: a warning
Subject: RE: BS: Musical chairs: a warning
This is officially the stupidest thread I've read here ever!!!

It's just musical chairs people... if yer kid ain't tough enough fer that one, he'll never evern survive to hight school, and ya know what, the gene pool will be better off without him!!

Sheesh... it's a game... and it gets a little rough... SO WHAT!?!?! Ever see what kids to to each other just playing make-believe?!?!?!

Kids are designed to get skinned knees, elbows, a few broken bones during childhoold builds character while building scar tissue and callouses...

Give 'em a few knocks about the head and neck with broke bottles while yer at it... or administer a few fatal beatings before the age of 7...

HELL!! Bring back lawn darts and let'em HEAVE 'em at each other!!

If I ever have kids, (gods forbid) I'll be teaching mine aggressive behaviour... It's a necessary trait in animals like the human race... we needed it to get this far, and we're gonna need it to get further!

(Trolling trolling over the Mudcat blue!! LOL!!)