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Posted By: GUEST,Jon
11-May-08 - 10:17 AM
Thread Name: Tight Folkies
Subject: RE: Tight Folkies
On the big beer drinking folkies, I've just sort of found myself thinking of another and I'm wondering what sort of budgets these people have.

Firstly in part as a sort of by the by type comment, I have been a very heavy drinker with a couple of detoxes to my "credit" (if you can call it credit) and have on quite a number of occasions (although on others I've blown it) played in very respectable company with a bottle of spirit plus maybe a can or too to get to the session just to feel "functional" (it's a horrible state to be in).

Anyway, this weekend I went into Cromer FOTP, trying to be careful and (at least in a large part) trying to watch the drink and just limiting ourselves to the sessions, except for one Tom Bliss (who gave a thoroughly enjoyable performance btw) performance I managed to get to (and wanted to say "hi" to an old "Internet sparring partner - always, I think good to meet such people and put faces to names) stuck with that.

I'd guess the Fri I had 4 pints before coming home.

Sat afternoon was a session that did not happen and I guess the same consumption.

Sat evening was (eventually) lively and ran on till 2pm but there is no way these days I could have even made 8 pints.

Sun, today a session that only lasted 2 hrs and I had 3 pints.

In this total, Pip bought me a couple (and I did buy her one a J20 and crisps).

I started fotp with £90 in pocket (£10 was spent on a plant in Rainbow but I've nothing other than pub drink and the crisps spending to account for the rest.). I can't work out the sums but if I'm going to get out tonight, I will have to borrow and over at a guess for 8hrs of "entertainment out".

Drink the pubs dry by all means but in 2 days (and specifically, 4 outings during a weekend) I've gone over my weekly income.