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11-May-08 - 02:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
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The great Arab-Israeli Peace Conference, the final hope for a lasting peace in the Middle East, was going very well. And the person who finally brought it all together, who created a view upon which all could agree, was a Bey from a nomadic tribe who had been summoned simply because of the position he held. The world stood in awe of this simple man.

The parties recessed for a lunch just before the historic document would be signed. And the Bey who had brought the disparate waters together went outside (accompanied by his bodyguard, of course) for a bit of fresh air.

There was a street carnival going on and the Bey, who had never seen one before, was entranced by the carousel and its animals. Finally, he commanded his bodyguard to buy him a ride, all by himself, and for half an hour the Bey rode around and around and up and down on a carousel horse.

Finally the carousel slowed and he staggered off and started to make his way back to the Legation for the signing.

A shepherd chose this time to bring his flock to town, and the Bey staggered in the middle of the sheep. He stumbled and fell between three young sheep, and the second one ate him.

Aghast, the shepherd shouted, "Middle lamb! You've had a dizzy Bey!"