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11-May-08 - 04:54 PM
Thread Name: ADD: Viva la Quinta Brigada (Christy Moore & not)
Subject: RE: ADD: Viva la Quinta Brigada (Christy Moore & not)
I am reproducing, below, the reply from,ALTEVOZ DEL FRENTE,the site to which Monique's link leads.
This favours the idea that the song in praise of the XV is a post civil war adaptation from Pete Seeger on the grounds of some of the words, although these words don't seem to be identical to the one's that Joe gives above for the Seeger song. I also notice that the writer gives 1943 as the date of the Asch recording which is different from yours Joe ? There remains open the question of whether someone, perhaps Pete Seeger merely added a verse referring to the post civil war role of the brigaders or whether they changed the whole song from The Quinta To the Quince Brigada.

So I would still like to know for certain

Was VIVA LA QUINCE BRIGADA sung IN SPAIN while the Spanish Civil war was STILL being fought?

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Sorry, but I don´t speak english although I can understand you email. I apologize for my bad English. Try to answer with the help of a translator online.

I do not have a definitive answer to your question. In my opinion "Long Live The Fifteenth Brigade" is not singing during the Spanish civl war. It was a Seeger´s adaptation from the song "Ay Carmela" (popular song with many letters and different versions) and it was recorded in 1943 in Asch Records for the album "Songs of the Lincoln Brigade."

Look this verse:

"Ya salimos de España,
para luchar en otros frentes
Ay Manuela, Ay Manuela"

"We already leave Spain,
to fight on other fronts
Manuela Ay, Ay Manuela "

This ("We already leave Spain") indicates that "Long Live The Fifteenth Brigade" is later than end of the Spanish Civil War.



In Spanish.

Lo siento, no hablo inglés aunque puedo comprender su email. Intentaré contestar con la ayuda de un traductor online.

No tengo una respuesta definitiva a su pregunta. En mi opinión "Viva la Quince Brigada" no se cantó en el transcuros de la Guerra Civil. Es una adpatación que hizo Pete Seeger de la canción "Ay, Carmela" (canción popular que tenia muchas letras y diferentes versiones). Segeer grabó esta versión en 1943, en los estudios de Asch Records para el disco "Songs of the Lincoln Brigade".

Si nos basamos en la estrofa:

"Ya salimos de España,
para luchar en otros frentes"

veremos que se refiere al final de la guerra, por lo cual entiendo que no se cantó durante la guerra civl.