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Posted By: Phil Edwards
11-May-08 - 05:20 PM
Thread Name: Bertsongs? (songs of A. L. 'Bert' Lloyd)
Subject: RE: Bertsongs?
Thanks, Steve - as the saying goes, I'm still ignorant but at least now I'm ignorant on a higher level.

Perhaps one of the things that makes this such a slippery topic is that we're bundling together several different (but related) elements of Lloyd's working practices:

1. Reworking traditional sources, sometimes quite heavily (Skewball, Wings of a Gull, TW&TFM).
2. Patching together traditional material with substantial chunks of his own work (probably Long a-growing, possibly Blackleg Miner)
3. Using authored material without acknowledgment, either to make a whole song (TRC) or to patch together with traditional material (Reynardine).
4. Giving patched-together songs false and misleading attributions (TRC, Reynardine, possibly Blackleg Miner).

I think Bert Lloyd did all of these, but they're not the same thing - most of us have done 1. to a greater or lesser extent, but I shouldn't think many of us have done 4.