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Posted By: GUEST,Texas Guest
12-May-08 - 04:52 PM
Thread Name: BS: Lord Stanley's Cup
Subject: RE: BS: Lord Stanley's Cup
As a prelude to tonights game let me write that I am so sick and tired of the local media bally-hooing about the Osgood/Ribeiro thing that I just had to turn it off - I hope the Wings kick the dog out of the Stars tonight and beat 'em 6-0.

I saw the replay and yes, Osgood stuck his stick out there to interfere with Ribeiro - but he did it blindly - he didn't try to
put his eye out; Ribeiro, on the other hand; did a really stupid thing coming across the net with his stick. Was Osgood hurt?
Certainly not. Is he a bad actor? Surely he is. Would anyone else
carry out a similarly poor acting stint? Probably so.

In a rare example of level-headedness the NHL chose to fine both
players and basically say, "grow up kids, we got work to do, now get back in there and play." Thank you NHL for not over-penalizing these two clowns.

That being said, let me say, "no thank you" to the Dallas media for giving us an all-day rant about the incident and electing to talk and talk and talk and talk about the damned incident - ALL DAY - one program after another. Ya know - there was a 60-minute hockey game played before that incident you bozo's; let's talk about what the Stars need to do to break Detroit's strangle-hold on them, or about how good the Red Wings are and that they could sweep the Stars over the next three days.

But ya know - maybe I've got a problem too, for listening to it for
most of the day. GO RED WINGS! Cheers.