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Posted By: Jim Carroll
14-May-08 - 04:43 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Hello Friend (Peggy Seeger)
Subject: Lyr Add: HELLO FRIEND (Peggy Seeger)
Hello Friend
Peggy Seeger 1992

Hello friend, I see you're a stranger. Where do you come from?
Hello friend, something in your face reminds me of the sun:
But the northern light is thin against the darkness of your skin.
Hello friend. I'm glad that you could come.

When you talk, I hear the echo of the places you have been;
When you walk, colours all around you fluttering in the wind;
When I listen to your song, I feel you really do belong;
Am I the stranger, the one who's just come in?

I think I know what made you come here but what made you want to stay?
Will you go if the weather and the welcome seem too cold and grey ?
Do you feel you'll never find all the warmth you left behind?
Never mind—I hope you want to stay.

Did you find new friends to help you? Can you earn a living here?
Do you mind the smoke and grime around you and the warning loud and clear?
Or did your troubles just begin with the colour of your skin?
Never mind—I'm glad to see you here.

Did you come to climb a mountain and end up in a hole?
Have you won [he right to join our people signing on the dole?
Can you be happy here amid suspicion and the fear.
Or will you run, and never more return?

Hello friend, all of us are strangers in this green and pleasant land.
Once again battle ranks are forming and we need a friendly hand.
Yours the fear and ours the shame, but our goal is just the same,
In the end this will be OUR native land.

In the old days of the Critics Group, when we were travelling on long journeys we used to mess around with song titles and words to pass the journey - we got The Dowie Dens of Marrow, The Unquiet Gravy, Hang Down Your Head Tandoori, The Grey Cocq' au Vin, and many, many more.
Unfortunately this wonderful song became 'Hello Fiend, I See you're a Strangler' - shame on us!
Jim Carroll