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Posted By: Jim Dixon
14-May-08 - 10:59 PM
Thread Name: Lyr/Chords Req: False Hearted Lover's Blues
Subject: Lyr Add: FALSE HEARTED LOVER'S BLUES (Dock Boggs)
As sung by Dock Boggs on "Early Country Stars"[1]

1. False hearts have been my downfall; pretty women have been my crave.
I'm sure my false-hearted lover will drive me to my lonesome grave.

2. They'll bite the hand that feeds them, spend all the money you can save,
From your heartstrings weave silk garters, [and] build a doghouse on your grave.

3. When my earthly stay is over, sink my dead body in the sea.
Just tell my false-hearted lover that the whales will fuss[2] over me.

4. Ragged clothes [are] dropping from my body; the wolf howls around my door.
The man who won my darling girl [will] feel the bite of my forty-four.

5. Corn whiskey has wrecked my body; a false-hearted lover is a ban[3] on my mind.
I've roamed the whole world over; pleasure on earth I cannot find.

[Repeat 3]

6. If I meet my darling girl again, I'll tell her all about my troubles.
Give her the false-hearted lover blues, and leave her standin' on the pillows.[4]

7. All men take this timely warning; it is both for young and old:
Don't try to buy a woman's love with the last dollar of your gold.

8. Take warning, you fair young ladies: if your love and honor you have sold,
The men will have no use for you when your dark hair turns to gold.

[Repeat 3]

- - -
1. Ralph Stanley also sings this on his album "Ralph Stanley" (2002), and Levon Helm sings it on "Dirt Farmer" (2007). On both their albums, the song is called "traditional."

2. Stanley and Helm sing "watch."

3. Sic. Maybe he means "bane"?

4. Sic. Stanley and Helm sing "stranded in the shallows."