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Posted By: Sorcha
26-May-00 - 01:31 AM
Thread Name: What lullabies do your children hear?
Subject: RE: BS: What lullabies do your children hear?
Definitely NOT fluent in ASL, have a couple dozen words/phrases, and VERRYY slow finger spelling, but that is all. When I was in school, it was Lip Reading. NO sign allowed at all. Anyway, how would you hold a baby and do sign at the same time? This whole subject is fascinating to me and I could course and discourse for hours on it, for instance, hearing parents talk to their babies ALL the time--how would you sign to a baby while changing diapers? It takes both hands! I have been told that children of totally deaf parents often have ASL long before children of hearing parents have verbal skills, but their hands are so tiny they are hard to read. I am not totally deaf, either, have 85-90% loss in right ear, but only about 40%loss in left. Mostly, specific pitches are gone in left ear.