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Posted By: Callie
26-May-00 - 02:04 AM
Thread Name: Desert Island Discs
Subject: RE: Desert Island Discs
Now hang on Chicky - I'll see you later at rehearsal and we can fight this out. "The Great City"? I DON'T THINK SO!!!!

I'll leave the bible and the Shakespeare if I can pack a few more other items:

Books: Iris Murdoch's "The Sea The Sea", William Trevor's Collected Stories, A complete collection of Brian Patten's poetry and WB Yeats' poetry.

Luxury items: My Finale program so I can keep composing on it (plus computer, speakers and a printer)


1. Elvis Costello "King of America" (coz it's rilly good, and also coz if you refer to previous desert island thread, you'll notice that Elvis himself will be there anyway, and he can sing the songs live that aren't on King of America) 2. The Complete Beatles (coz I couldn't choose) 3. Van Morrison's "Hymns to the Silence" (because he has one of the best voices on the planet) 4. Walters and Warner "Pithead in the Fern" (coz they're great Australian songs) 5. Joni Mitchell "Court and Spark" (Just because) 6. Vince Jones "Live" (because he sings Leonard Cohen's "Allelujah" better than anyone - even better than Jeff Buckley) 7. Corwded House "Woodface" (just because).