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Posted By: Midchuck
26-May-00 - 06:56 AM
Thread Name: Desert Island Discs
Subject: RE: Desert Island Discs

I'm not a Christian, nor involved in any organized religion, but I'd keep the Bible simply because it has so much reading for one book. The book might be Russell's History of Western Philosophy for the same reason - it would last me for years. Take a couple of years to understand any given chapter.

Luxury item. Easy call. A guitar. Probably an older Guild. I'd rather a Martin for playing, but a Guild would survive on a desert island a lot better. I've never run over a Guild with a truck, but I suspect you'd wreck the truck.

Recordings: I'm assuming you're limited to single albums, and the people who named "Complete Works of...." sets as one choice are cheating:

1) Ian Tyson, "Cowboyography"
2) Tom Russell, "Song of the West"
3) Finestkind, "Lost in a Song"
4) Stan Rogers, "From Fresh Water"
5) Stan Rogers, "Northwest Passage"
6) Tom Russell again, "The Long Way Around"
7) Norman Blake and Tony Rice, "2".

Four out of seven Canadian choices, and I'm not Canadian! Maybe I should emigrate...But they wouldn't let me take my .44 Mag, so I couldn't sleep soundly at night....