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Posted By: Helen
16-May-08 - 04:22 PM
Thread Name: Help For Beginner at Playing Flute
Subject: RE: Help For Beginner at Playing Flute
It's a lot like blowing into the top of a bottle to make a sound. Line the closest edge of the hole up with the centre of the bottom lip, just on the line where the lip becomes the chin, then do an overbite action with your top lip. Move the top lip over the hole, but not covering it, and blow straight downwards into the hole. If necessary, rotate the flute slightly around its axis, i.e. keeping the length of the flute horizontal, but turning it outwards or inwards around the circular axis of the tube, so that the hole goes more or less horizontal until you find the right spot. You can just use the head of the flute without the other two parts attached to get used to making a clear sound.

To get the right feel of blowing into the sound hole, you can put your index fingertip, nail side facing upwards, in the centre of your bottom lip, just below the lip line, then blow onto your fingertip, rotating it outwards or inwards.