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Posted By: Fred McCormick
17-May-08 - 05:19 AM
Thread Name: Radio Ballads/Lloyd biography
Subject: RE: Radio Ballads/Lloyd biography
Peter Cox's Set Into Song; Ewan MacColl, Charles Parker, Peggy Seeger and the Radio Ballads is due to be published on 1st June. The book is privately published and available from the author at

It is also available from Amazon UK at

The jacket price and the price quoted on Amazon is £20-00, although copies bought from the Set Into Song website are quoted at £15-00 inc p&p.

I received an advance copy a couple of days ago. While I obviously haven't had time to read it yet, it looks a handsome, meticulous and well thought out production, which should do a lot to enhance our knowledge of the programmes themselves, as well as all the principal characters involved.

One interesting innovation. Minor endnotes, plus footnotes and bibliography will be posted on the website, rather than in the book. These will be together with transcriptions of all the radio ballads. I understand the author also intends using the site to post any further information which comes to light, plus any errors or omissions which may need correction.

Unfortunately I've lost the list of launch dates which Peter sent me, although interested parties can doubtless get them from him. However, the one launch I will be at takes place on Tuesday July 1st in the commmunity centre at Dove Holes, Derbyshire. That's about about as close as you can get to Bibbington Top where the runaway started.