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Posted By: Wolfgang Hell
10-Mar-98 - 04:17 AM
Thread Name: A note to Three Score and Ten
Subject: RE: A note to Three Score and Ten
here's a copy from an old thread relevant to this thread:

Subject: RE: Eyemouth disaster (Lyr. req.) From: Pete M Date: 29-Sep-97 - 05:52 AM

I can add nothing about the original request I'm afraid. but I can throw some light on the point about "Three score and ten" by Ferrera. Scarborough is indeed north of Yarmouth, but in interpreting traditional folk songs you need to know a bit about the millieu in whivch they were created, The prevailing winds, currents and tidal streams of the East coast of Britain mean that going North is the "Downhill" direction, usually running with the wind on the port quarter, whilst going South meant beating into the wind. Hence amongst the sea farers the reference was always to going "down to the North".

However, I recollect hearing up to Scarborough from the singing of the McKenna Brothers. I'll relisten tonight.