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Posted By: john c
26-May-00 - 02:22 PM
Thread Name: Desert Island Discs
Subject: RE: Desert Island Discs
The book would be "The Tao is Silent" by Raymond Smullyan which fascinates me every time I dip into it. Luxury item would be my swiss army knife, so that I could finally find a use for it.
1.Wee Tam by The Incredible String Band
2.The Hangmans Beautiful Daughter by ditto
3.Blood On the Tracks by Bob Dylan
4.Blue by Joni Mitchell
5.Marvin Gayes Greatest Hits
6.Penguins Eggs by Nic Jones
7.Please to see the King by Steeleye Span
8.Revolver by the Beatles (if I can leave Yellow Submarine at home)
Pretty hard to leave out the likes of Richard Thompson, Dick Gaughan, Martin Carthy, Lou Reed, the Stones.......The list could go on forever!!