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Posted By: The Sandman
20-May-08 - 05:20 AM
Thread Name: Money v Folk
Subject: RE: Money v Folk
Stop throwing your toys out of the pram - address the points I have made or go and talk to somebody else - I really don't have time for thas.
Jim Carroll. sounds like the pot calling the kettle black.
For the last time[this is like talking to a brick wall] how has cash been the ruination of the music?
cash enables musicians to buy better instruments which allows them to perform better.
publicans have on occasions bought instruments[see Packie Russell Clare Gus OConnors pub.Ithink?],to be played in their pub,Isnt this a form of payment,ensuring that the session takes place in a particular pub,to the benefit of the publican who sells more beer.
I am sure this wasnt the publicans motive,but nevertheless more people would go to the bar because that was where the music was.