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21-May-08 - 04:12 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of the 60's rebellion
At Mudville Jr. High tempers were simmering in the heat. Even with the windows open the school was 95 degrees. With only 2 weeks left until summer vacation rebellion was in the hot stifling air.

In the band room Bruce was fanning himself with a cymbal and Kitty was bent over looking out the window. She yelled "Hey Ted reun and get me an ice cream" I looked out the window and saw 7th period boys gym class walking their 2 laps around the ball field. "Gimme some money!" yelled Ted. Kitty threw some hall passes out the window that fluttered like tiny combines down 3 stories.

Amos couldn't stand the stuffy library any longer and made his way to the band room when the bell rang. Instantly mumblings of discontent and whining filled the hallway..Its too hot...they should let us out early...I'm leavin...
When the second bell rang the announcment squeal and mike noise filled the school with half the students still dragging themselves through the hall. It was Principal Spone. "Attention Mudville Jr. High... Several buses have overheated so the Torrence Ave and Verna Drive route students will be walking today. Also there was a rumor that there will be early dismissal today but that is not the case, we will have dissmisal at the usual time"...BOOOs could be heard from students and even a few teachers from all directions.
In the band room Mario picked up a Sousaphone and pointed out the window and blew a big BLLLAT as loud as he could. Laughter gave way to a small chant somewhere Mr Spone is a fink Mr. Spone is a fink...
and then Spaw said "Lets go outside" ... Don said "blow it out your... wait, lets bring our instruments" The band teacher Ms. Sage asked "where are you going" and one of the muffled replies sounded like " I hafta rinse my horn out.
Soon a small contingent of the Mudville band began to improvise on the chant MR SPONE IS A FINK when the drums arrived, kids were hanging out the windows yelling Yeah Mr Spone is a fink.
When the intercom came back on with a squeal it was virtually drowned out by the band and chants. Wioth a rallying cry STRIKE ! Strike! kids were leaving class and going outside to the sound of the drums and horns. Lockers and books joined in the demonstration as kids filed out the doors.

The whole school was outside with shirts coming off and the girls unbutton everthing they could...MR SPONE IS A FINK now with flourishes from a clarinet and a piccolo.

Mr SPone had made his way to the atheltic field club house where the big stadium megaphnes were. "NOW HEAR THIS, EVERYONE WILL GO BACK TO CLASS AT THE NEXT BELL OR EVERY DANCE FIELD DAY AND GRADUATION PAERTY ARE CANCELLED"
The band and shant sort of sputtered to an awkward stop and the bell rang. Gripping loudly kids began to file back in the brick oven called school.

When the second bell rang everyone but Bill Max and Amos were inside. Bill Max and Amos stood in silent protest with one arm raised and instantly became the legends, the heros and the scape goats for the impromptu school strike.

The kids already overheated from shouting and celebrating were now broiling. The sight of the magnificent 3 was all it took for a new chant and earnst exodus to begin " F U MR SPONE FU MR SPONE
This time the cafeteris was lotted of some drinks and some ice and the great party of 1965 had begun.