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Posted By: JohnInKansas
26-May-08 - 06:05 AM
Thread Name: A little vintage Art Thieme
Subject: RE: A little vintage Art Thieme
BK -

With the present setup, "art thieme" in the filter box and age "all" will get you the first thousand threads that have both "art" and "thieme" in the title. The list returned is limited to 1,000 threads now. ("Age: all" with no filter word(s) now gets only about 2 weeks worth.)

I guess it will take some "research" to see if that's sufficient to get all the places he's been cussed and discussed here (by name), although it should be a good start. There may be a few threads with just "Art" and/or just things like "the ESTEEMED AND HONORABLE MR THIEME" that would be missed with that search as well.

We heard a rumor that there was some guy gonna write up an autobigliogligraphy, so some may have figured that the guy who's gonna do it should do most of the work; but in the absence of any report on that work, maybe we need to do some diggin' around to help out(?).