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Posted By: GreatGoo
27-May-00 - 10:34 PM
Thread Name: Gov. George Bush (Texas) & LEADBELLY??????
Subject: RE: Gov. George Bush (Texas) & LEADBELLY??????
Sing to "Alfie"

Whats it all about, Georgie
Is it just for this election bid
Whats it all about
When you started out, Georgie
Did you think your face
Would win this bash
Or were you simply charmed
By all that cash
Come on let it out, Georgie
With out true depth
You can't succeed, Georgie
We need to know you'll truly lead us Georgie

Sing to "Georgie Girl"
Hey there, Georgie Bush
Running for the Whitehouse, Georgie Bush
Could you please explain
About this new compationate thing
You're pushin
Hey there, Georgie Bush
Wonder what you're thinkin, Georgie Bush
You never seem to know or care
If anyone ever knows

You're always issue hoppin and never stopping to share
Perhaps you ought to ruffle your hair
A little bit

Hey there georgie Bush
There's another Georgie deep inside
Bring out all those things you hide
And oh what a change there'd be
The world would see
The real Georgie Bush
Come on Georgie Bush
Wake up Georgie Bush

Hey there Georgie Bush
Hey there Georgie Bush
Hey there Georgie Bush