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Posted By: MarcB
11-Mar-98 - 01:33 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: songs about the Kennedy assassination
Subject: RE: Kennedy Assassination
What an interesting thread. Thanks all. It reminds me how powerful the singing tradition can be, both the serious and the silly, even in this New World:)

Another song that I believe may have been about the Kennedy assassination is Phil Och's "Crucifixion". It was very popular among young Episcopalians in the late 60's and I still sing it as an example of a song that makes you THINK about the Crucifixion instead of just being pious. So it works on that level.

BUT in an old Phil Och's Songbook the lyrics are juxtaposed with a photograph of the cavalry horse with the backwards boots from the Kennedy funeral procession. And the song also REALLY WORKS on that level, too, whether Phil intended it that way or not.

Cross-reference to Paul Clayton thread. Another fine singer/songwriter who took his own life(I think, but may have died of natural causes at a young age, somebody set me straight please). And also in the shadow of Dylan(don't mean to imply anything, just find it interesting).

Marc B