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Posted By: katlaughing
28-May-00 - 12:22 AM
Thread Name: Gov. George Bush (Texas) & LEADBELLY??????
Subject: RE: Gov. George Bush (Texas) & LEADBELLY??????
Mrzzy, like Art, I'd love to hear more of that story, please?

Thanks, KGH, it was in Mystic, CT that he walked the street to just across from where we voted. My daughter had him in tow. He was 1/2 dobie and 1/2 german shepherd and had a mouth (not barking, actually vocalising)on him that wouldn't stop. One of our favourite nicknames for him was "ole curmudgeon". The other was "pasta dog". There is a little ditty I wrote about the latter in Aine's Mudcat Songbook, to the tune of On Top of Spaghetti.

It was pretty funny when some of Perot's campaigners tried to engage my daughter in some discussion, he drowned them out with his loud and boisterous cussing.

He also knew how to say "I love you" but not for any politicians. He saved that for his *mom* and *girls* and the rest of the neighbourhood kids, whom he loved. Just had to put him down a little over a year ago; not a senile bit in his head, his body just went out from under him. It was pretty hard as he just didn't want to give up.