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Posted By: Jim Carroll
29-May-08 - 08:48 AM
Thread Name: what's a rant?
Subject: RE: what's a rant?
For those not entirely happy with dance definition (not sure I am) Farmer and Henley's Dictionary of Slang and Colloquial English gives this selection:
Rant. 1. To talk big, high, or boast much (B. E.); to storm, rave: in this sense rant has always been literary. Whence, however, many usages more or less colloquial:— Rantan (randan, randy, rand, randy-dan, rant, ranty, rantan, or rantytan), a jollification, (2) a wenching bout, (3) the sound of a drum, and (4) a drunken frolic; also as verb (or to go on the randan, etc.), to go on a round of debauchery; ranter, (1) extra va¬gal) ts, unthrifts, lewd sparks, also of the family of love {B. E.); (2) a noisy talker, bawling singer, or ruffian ; (3) a Primitive Methodist: often extended to Dissenters generally, and spec, to a sect dating from 1822, self-registered as such in the Census returns; (4) in pi., idle, drunken bolstering ; ranting, (1) in high spirits ; amorous ; (3) extravagant; randy (or ranty), (1) a beggar, ballad singer, or tinker: espec. such as bully or menace; (2) a scold: also randy-dandy (or ranty-tanty); (3) a ramping wanton; (4) see Rantan, supra; as adj, (1) vagrant; (2) thieving, shrew¬ish ; (3) wanton ; as verb, (1) see rantan, supra.; and (2) to beat continuously, as a tinker; rantipole, (1) a whore, and (2) a romp (q.v.), a gallant hussy ; as verb, to run about wildly ; and as adj., wild, rakish, jovial (B. E.); to ride rantipole (see Ride); rantanker-ous, quarrelsome. 2. To appropriate anything in a forcible manner : ' Let's go and rant their marleys,' says one urchin to another, and straightwa}' the pair annex the possessions of a more respectable party. But it is also used to denote undue freedom with females, and springs, no doubt, from rantipole.

Jim Carroll