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Posted By: mactheturk
29-May-00 - 09:09 AM
Thread Name: Kind Acts, just do it!
Subject: Kind Acts, just do it!
A recent thread,"just do it, established a consensus regarding the importance of our "actions". Most people seem to agree that it's not so much our thoughts, words, intentions or even our feelings that really count but rather our deeds that make all the difference.

With that in mind, it might be fun to consider some small, specific acts that we all could do in order to make a difference.

For example;

*Ask an old person to tell you about his or her youth along with their favorite song.

*Send a letter to a teacher you once had letting her know about the difference she made in your life.

*Anonymously, slip a $20 bill into the pocketbook of a needy friend(or stranger)

*Next time you go to the ice-cream parlor, pay for a few free cones to be given to the next kids(or older folks) that come in.

These thoughts, of course, are not original and much has been written on this topic, just a follow up on a good thread...."Just Do It".